Safer Salons Campaign

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Posted 95 weeks ago

Nail fact

Acrylic nails DO NOT damage the natural nail. Nail damage is caused by overfilling of the natural nail either by using electronic files or hand files. To apply nail enhancements of any type the nail plate only needs to be etched very slightly with a file. An electronic file or drill should NOT be used on the natural nail.

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Posted 149 weeks ago

NEVER Cut Your Cuticles!

There’s no good reason to cut the cuticles.

Cutting them could open the door to infection or irritation.
Cutting your cuticles can also lead to nail problems, such as ridges, white spots, or white lines.

If you get a bacterial infection in that area, it can hamper that fingernail’s growth or worse.

Posted 238 weeks ago

Nail myths

Calcium Strengthens Nails

Contrary to popular belief, there is only a small amount of calcium in your nails. So upping your calcium intake will do nothing to make your nails stronger. Sorry about all those glasses of milk you drank.

Posted 238 weeks ago

Remember it is your RIGHT to know what products are being used by your nail technician. They MUST be Industry safe and purchased from registered supplier to comply with salon insurance. If products are in unmarked pots ask what brand they are and how they are purchased. If your nail technician can’t tell you they probably don’t comply. a professional nail technician will know the products they use inside and out

Posted 283 weeks ago

Nail diseases can be transferred if equipment and surfaces are not sanitized /sterilized correctly between clients. 

Posted 284 weeks ago

Client Safety

Client consultation forms MUST be filled out for every client. This is to check that the client has no allergies, has had a negative patch test result (when required,) and that the client does not have any health conditions that could compromise the clients safety by receiving treatments.

Posted 292 weeks ago

Client Safety

Why is it important for a client consultation to be filled in for every client?

Posted 293 weeks ago

 There are many salons offering nail and beauty services without using industry certified products, without following safe hygiene procedures, and without following correct application and removal procedures. 

There are also many salons or individual operating without proper qualifications or insurance. 

I decided to set up my campaign back in 2014 to try and get the government to introduce regulations for the nail and beauty industry, making it safer for the public to receive treatments. 

On my journey to achieve this, I believe I should educate the public on the things to look for when going to enjoy a treatment, the reasons why, the dangerous, and how what to avoid to help ensure you are receiving nail and beauty treatments in a correct and safe way.

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